Project Description

My Classic London Black Taxi Tour enables you to see traditional sights and iconic buildings at their very best. My routes are planned to optimise viewing and photographic opportunities whether on the move, stationary or walking around the sights. I enjoy taking photos and can help you build a memorable album of your trip.

My extensive historical knowledge will add context to your experience…

Learn the fascinating history of the monarchy back to 1066 as we admire the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Understand British political origins and developments whilst taking in the sights of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Just next door, appreciate the links between politics and the monarchy as we explore Westminster Abbey and then compare its beautiful architecture to that of St. Pauls Cathedral where we will also visit.

Every building has a tale to tell! Even the modern buildings have contributed to the story of London. I have witnessed most of them being built, and was even involved in some myself (I was a bricklayer before being a London Cabbie!)

Pick up can be arranged from any central London hotel or tube station, and drop off anywhere in central London.

My London Black taxi is wheelchair, buggy and dog friendly!

Classic London Black Taxi Tours

£100per hour
  • Possible to adapt (shorten or lengthen) the tour at £45 per ½ hour.