Project Description

Your London Cabbie outside the Spaniards Inn on the Taylor Swift London Boy tour

Taylor Swift London Boy Tour

Taylor Swift is no stranger to London, and neither will you be after this “London Boy” tour that visits Soho, Camden, Highgate and Hampstead, places that are close to her heart, and also to mine, having spent much of my life here. We’ll be using my electric black cab to get around.

We’ll start off by heading to Soho, as mentioned in her lyrics, and I’ll show you the sights and sounds of this cosmopolitan neighbourhood where all the bands of the 1960s through to today have performed. As a local, I’ve seen it all!

We can then head north up to Camden, passing through Regents Park and into Primrose Hill, where Joe and Taylor lived; I’ll show you the 6-bed house they rented, just around the corner from Liam Gallagher, Kate Moss, Jimmy Page. . . Then to Camden, where we can take in the market and the areas’s music history.

We’ll check out the Spaniard’s Inn in Harry Styles’ neighbourhood (where Joe and Taylor’s first date took place), and a few other secret spots special to the singer.

This ulitmate Taylor Swift London Boy tour will take you to some of the best parts of London:

  • Soho – famous private clubs and hangouts.

  • Regents Park – drive through this famous green space.

  • Primrose Hill – once home to Taylor and Joe, and many other celebs.

  • Camden Lock and Market – powerhouse for music history and clubs Taylor frequented.

  • Hampstead Heath – site of Spaniard’s Inn, a historic and atmospheric pub.

Taylor Swift London Boy Tour

£450per 4 hour tour
  • Possible to adapt (shorten or lengthen) the tour at £45 per ½ hour.