I began boxing at a young age and consider myself very lucky to have been coached and mentored by some of the most inspirational, kind and selfless people.

I try to give the some of the same back to the children I coach today at Broad Street boxing club, and with two daughters that joined St. Albans Athletics Club I naturally extended this into the world of athletics.

I have worked with children at all levels including beginners, county and international, as well as those who simply enjoy the participation and social aspect.

Alongside this voluntary work with the children, I decided to offer these services professionally. I hold qualifications as a Boxing and Athletics coach.

I also understand the need for safety. For example, I can monitor heart rates and progress. I can help improve your general fitness and or strength to the level you want it to be. My aim is to motivate and help you enjoy your fitness, not to intimidate.

I’m happy to meet people for regular training sessions, occasional or even just one-off sessions to show you where to run or walk, how to shadow box or the best techniques for sit-ups!

My knowledge of London lends itself to some interesting runs/walks.

  • Enjoy the beautiful London parks.

  • Challenge yourself at Parliament Hill, home to one of the most challenging cross country events.

  • Discover interesting routes, for example, along the Thames path and Wapping, and throughout the city and west end – cut out the tube and turn your commute into a fitness opportunity.

My boxing training provides a fantastic full body workout. Sessions include:

  • Shadow boxing.

  • Skipping.

  • Pad work.

  • Ground work for strength and conditioning. Discover muscles you never knew you had with specialised core exercises.

References available.

Personal Fitness Motivator

£80per hour