Taylor Swift London Boy Tour

Taylor Swift is no stranger to London, and neither will you be after this "London Boy" tour that visits Soho, Camden, Highgate and Hampstead, places that are close to her heart, and also to mine, having spent much of my life here. We'll be using my electric black cab to get around.

American History Tour in London

Allow me to share my love of London and the history of the Founding Fathers. See parts of London you may not have known about. Be amazed at just how much American influence there is to be seen in London and discover hidden gems that time has forgot, all from the comfort of my London Black Taxi.

The London Beatles Tour

This London Beatles tour will bring to life their experiences as they developed into the megastars of the 1960s. Whether you are a huge Beatles fan, or simply love 1960s popular culture, this London Black Taxi tour is for you!